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Beach Surveys

Slapton Sands is a gravel barrier beach, 4km long and narrow 100-150m. Gravel beaches are typical of northern Europe, however the sediment size on Slapton sands is very fine, on average 6mm long. It is very dynamic, changing as a result of long term processes (Climate Change), medium term (long shore drift) sand short term (storms, tides and waves). For a more detailed description of the formation of Slapton Sands click here.

The beach has been well researched due to its accessibility, longevity of data and active management. Beach profiles have been measured by FSC since 1972 at 10 fixed reference points which cover the length of the beach.  Follow this link to access beach profile data for Slapton Sands.

Beach profile data for Slapton Sands is available.