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For over 50 years, Slapton Ley has been the source of valuable research data for Universities. There are many research projects underway at any time. Some of them, like the Slapton Catchment Hydrology Project the longest-running project of its kind in the UK, require long-term recording of data. Other studies have specific short-term aims like the re-introduction of Strapwort.

Why choose FSC Slapton Ley

  • Environmental Context. Existing studies provide an environmental context for new research.
  • Meteorological data. Meteorological records since 1959, collected in line with Met Office standards.
  • Long-Term Data. Access to 50 years' data to identify trends. This includes a range of birds, plants and animals. Please contact us to access these data.
  • National Nature Reserve. Nationally important species, biodiversity and geomorphology. Opportunities to influence management policy and practice.
  • Secure Site. Safe installation of monitoring equipment. Field sites managed to support data collection with long-term tenure.
  • Staff Support. Practical advice on locations, field sites, access and management protocols. Supporting data collection.
  • Facilities, accommodation, lab and teaching facilities for individual researchers and groups at the Field Centre.

To apply for undergraduate and postgraduate research opportunities, please download our Application Form and send it to [email protected].