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Slapton Line Stakeholder Videos

Videos of stakeholders and their views on Slapton Line.

Simon Tonge, Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust,

The Landowner and conservation charity. Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust has been involved wioth the Strapwort Re-introduction project to conserve this species that is unique to Slapton Ley. For more information click here. www.wwct.org.uk

Andy Pratt, FSC Slapton Ley,

An environmental education charity that manages the Nature Reserve and Field Centre. The Field Centre manages the nature reserve for education, conservation and visitors. Providing residential field courses for over 5000 students per year and has a massive impact on the local economy. For more information click here. www.field-studies-council.org

Simon Dunsford , Natural England

The government agency responsible for nature conservation and safeguarding this Site of Special Scientific Interest. The Site is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest because of the unique shingle ridge flowers and bird and wildfowl populations including Cetti's Warbler. For more information click here. www.naturalengland.org.uk

John Wardle, The Environment Agency

The government agency that manages coastal and river flooding and its impacts on people's homes. The Environment Agency built the sea wall to protect homes and businesses in Torcross in 1979. For more information click here. www.environment-agency.gov.uk

Andy Pound , Strete and Torcross Stores

Local Businessman with a business in villages at either end of Slapton Line. These shops provide essential services for the local community and employment for the family. For more information click here. www.torcross.com/index.asp

Val Mercer, Local resident

Retired teacher living in Slapton and using the A379 regularly. Just under 60% of the population is over 29% of the homes are second homes. For more information click here. www.slapton.org/index.htm

Stuart Hughes, Devon County Council

The Local Authority responsible for managing roads throughout Devon. Devon is a very large county with 7985 miles of roads. Ther are more roads in Devon than any other county and Slapton Line is only 2 miles. For more information click here. www.devon.gov.uk

Alan Denbigh, Slapton Line Partnership

The storm in January 2001 caused a great conflict between the stakeholders. The Partnership formed to support the community to adapt to a changing coast. For more information click here. www.slaptonline.org

The Slapton Line - Living with a Changing Coast: Complete Video